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A Rattlesnake bite is a Veterinary Emergency. You live in a high risk rattlesnake habitat, typically rattlesnakes are most active in warmer seasons.  However with our warmer winters it is entirely possible to see rattlesnakes year round.  The damage caused by a rattlesnake bite can result in serious injury or even death. When an unprotected dog is bitten the the toxins in snake venom are very painful and can have serious consequences.  Even if your dog survives the bite the risk of permanent injury is present.  The Red Rock Rattlesnake Vaccine was developed specifically to help defend dogs from the dangerous effects of rattlesnake venom. The vaccine works by stimulating an animal's immunity to defend against potentially harmful agents.  The Rattlesnake Vaccine is intended to help create an immunity that will protect your dog against the rattlesnake venom.  That's rattlesnake protection that will put you and your dog at ease.

Treatment of a rattlesnake bite is expensive!  Treatment of snakebites may include anti venom injections that can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Vaccination can reduce the impact of snakebite, reduce or eliminate the need for anti venom, and decrease the need for other treatments. Other treatments for snake bite may include hospitalization, intravenous fluids and medications, even possible surgery.

Even snake bites by non venomous snakes can lead to serious infections and antibiotics may be needed. A veterinarian is the best person to consult regarding medical decisions for your dog.

Please know that we offer the vaccination as a series for your pets safety!
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Dog Bit in face by Rattle Snake in January 2014   Rattlesnake

This patient was bitten in the face by rattlesnake, fortunately this dog had received his rattlesnake vaccine, he was treated and  sent home on some antibiotics.

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